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About JLH Associates

Karen Gaskins Jones is the principal of JLH Associates in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a firm known for leadership training. We look to her as our primary consultant and engagement leader.

Karen Gaskins Jones - Leadership Training

Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant

Karen's ability to work with organizations that want to sharpen their strategic direction, foster the development of talent and leadership, and address issues for effectively managing a diverse workforce has been outstanding. In her practice of facilitating leadership transitions and succession planning, she has been a consultant and collaborating partner of TransitionGuides™ and CompassPoint™ Nonprofit Services.

Authored Books & Articles

• Leadership Development & Emergency Succession Planning: an Organizational Planning Workbook
• A New Mindset for Managing Leader Development, (Co-authored with Denice Rothman Hinden), Points of Light Foundation
   Newsletter/Spring  2006
• Preparing an Organization for Sustainable Leadership, Non-Profit Quarterly/Spring 2007

Dynamic & Diverse Associates

To meet your needs, we assemble project-based teams of subject matter experts and experienced trainers. Associates are highly skilled in creating dialogues to explore diverse perspectives, understand influencing issues, and identify success factors. They excel in building agreement on action items. We create supportive environments for learning and encouraging constructive change. Participants overwhelmingly point out that our programs are:

Interesting Informative Engaging

Effective Communication

The company's integrated approach to service delivery and project management incorporates the principles of quality assurance. Timely and consistent communication within our project team and with our clients is what we believe in. We have learned that effective communication is an integral component of high-quality delivery of services and the avenue for enhancing the partnership to attain desired outcomes.


JLH Associates is a catalyst that inspires open dialogue, stimulates learning, and facilitates purposeful actions which lead to individual and organizational excellence. Guiding people through experiences encourage the growth of leadership capacity and the sustainability of healthier organizations and communities. We create environments and experiences which inspire, educate, and support individuals to perform with heightened competencies and leadership. Our approach is grounded in understanding each organization's realities and maintaining a shared commitment to attain goals.

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